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Creative Store Solutions Design Service Philosophy (View  Present and Past Clients)

Creative Store Solutions works wth all types or retailers so whether you are a Industrial Supply Company, C-Store, Pet Store, Clothing Store,  Shoe Shop or Vape Store the team at Creative Store Solutions can help you with the store planning and designing of your new or existing location. We work with both large and small retailers and our services range from "Free" Basic Store Layouts to more comprehensive "Fee" Based Store Design Services that start as low as $1000 depending on the scope of work.  Each clients needs are different so the retail design services fee for the project is determined at the beginning of the process prior to any work being started. As much as each clients project is different each clients own capabilities are also different. Certain clients will require more work or "hand holding" through the process which intern increases the design fee for the project purely based on the number of man hours required by our designers. Other clients may have more experience in the process or have alternate means of getting certain areas of the design process completed thus requiring less man hours by our designers which reduces the cost of the design fee. Your initial phone consultation will determine what services best fit you needs and what design fee if any will be needed to complete the process. The bottom line is Creative Store Solutions wants to offer you a flexible retail design solution that combines our experience with your version to create a fun, unique and compelling store that your customers will enjoy. 

        What Services does Creative Store Solutions offer and what do the retail design services include?

        What Is the best way to get started?

        What will we need to start your project?

  • Your Store Concept or Vision
  • List of Products and Services
  • Any Pertinent Landlord Requirements or Restrictions
  • Interior and Exterior Photos of New Location
  • A Scaled and  Dimensioned Floor Plan
  • Existing Lighting Plan(Reflected Ceiling Plan)
  • Interior Elevations Indicating Ceiling Height, Door and Window Locations and Sizes

    (Note: If requested floor plans and elevations are not available from the landlord the client may provide a hand drawn document.)

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