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Metal T-Shirt Display Box

Metal T-Shirt Display Box
t shirt display how to display t shirts on a wall

Fold T-Shirt over included folding board and insert into front of display box as shown. This metal t-shirt display box provides an easy and clean way to display T-Shirts on the wall.

Each T-Shirt Includes:
4 Sided Display Box
1/4 T MDF Folding Board
Choice of 2 Different Style Mounts

Standard Dimensions:
12" W x 12" D x 2 1/2" D

Minimum quantity of 4 required for this retail t-shirt display case.

Note: Please Contact A Store Solutions Expert to discuss custom sizes & colors available for this product.

Quantity Discounts Available.

Note: The Raw Steel finish is a clear powder coat finish designed to enhance the material flaws, weld marks and seams created during the metal manufacturing process. This unique and popular finish is ideal for any retail environment that wants an alternative to the traditional finishes.

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